Wednesday, July 4, 2012

June 1940: Whiz Comics #5

Cover by C.C. Beck

'Capt. Marvel' (by Bill Parker and C.C. Beck): Captain Marvel busts up a nationwide crime ring that is using hypnotised children to commit robberies.  Most of the appeal of this strip comes from Beck's art, which is just cartoony enough that it can do humour and drama equally well.

In other stories: 'Golden Arrow' (by Bill Parker and Pete Costanza) tackles Brute and Bronk, two cowboys who are trying to murder their neice so that they can inherit her mine.  'Lance O'Casey' (by Bill Parker and possibly Bob Kingett) goes in search of pirate treasure that ends up being worthless.  'Spy Smasher' (by Bill Parker and possibly C.C. Beck) stops some spies from stealing the plans of a secret tank.  'Dan Dare' (by Greg Duncan) goes to Hollywood, where a monkey named Rollo is committing murders.  'Scoop Smith' (by Greg Duncan) deals with an invasion of Mexico by a civilisation from beneath the Earth.  And 'Ibis the Invincible' (by Bill Parker and possibly C.C. Beck) must rescue his girlfriend from gangsters.

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