Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 1940: Flash Comics #9

Cover by Sheldon Moldoff

'Hawkman' (by Gardner Fox and Sheldon Moldoff): New York harbour is attacked by an evil underwater race known as the Kogats, who have lived there for centuries. Hawkman destroys them with the help of the Greek God Poseidon. Hawkman works better when dealing with the mythological world, I feel, and this is one of his more eventful stories.

'The Flash' (by Gardner Fox and Everett E. Hibbard): A gang of crooks uses a formula to create giant lizards, and uses the distraction to commit robberies. It's a more interesting plot on paper than what we usually get in the Flash, but the execution isn't quite up there. It's still a fun read, but lacks the strip's usual energy.

In other stories:

'King Standish' (by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert) teams up with the Witch to deal with some pirates. 'The Whip' (by John B. Wentworth and Homer Fleming) is framed for the theft of money to be donated to an orphanage. 'Cliif Cornwall, Special Agent' (by Gardner Fox and Sheldon Moldoff) goes to Antarctica and destroys a secret enemy base that is a threat to the Panama Canal. 'Johnny Thunderbolt' (by John B. Wentworth and Stan Aschmeier) transforms a rabbit into an elephant, and helps fight a fire. 'Rod Rian of the Sky Police' (by Paul H. Jepson) heads for the city of Uncor with his friend Price Taro, but they are attacked by a dragon. Also, the writer has chosen to write out the skeleton-men from the strip, which is completely boneheaded.  And in 'A Case of Hives' (by Ed Wheelan) a detective investigates the theft of a beehive shipment.

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