Tuesday, July 17, 2012

June 1940: Crack Comics #4

Cover by Gill Fox

'Black Condor' (by Lou Fine): The Black Condor battles the tyrant Sihn Fang, and help's Fang's daughter realise her father's villainy. The daughter's storyline elevates this above the usual Golden Age fare, and Lou Fine's art is wonderful. His figures have a grace and fluidity that I find appealing, and it really suits Black Condor and his flying ability.

In other stories:

'Rock Braddon of the Space Legion' (by Vernon Henkel) infiltrates an invading army, and kills its leader Vrak the Invincible. 'The Red Torpedo' (by Henry Kiefer) destroys a Nazi submarine base. 'Lee Preston of the Red Cross' (possibly by Bob Powell) is forced to fly a getaway plane for a foreign spy. 'Alias the Spider' (by Paul Gustavson) deals with a crooked mine owner.  'Madam Fatal' (by Art Pinajian) retrieves stolen plans from foreign spies. 'Wizard Wells, Miracle Man of Science' (by Harry Francis Campbell) exposes some crooks who are fixing boxing matches using an infra-red heat ray. And 'The Clock' (by George Brenner) deals with the Asp, a villain who kills his victims with a slow-acting poison.

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