Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 1940: Pep Comics #8

Cover by Irv Novick

'The Shield' (by Harry Shorten and Irv Novick): The Shield tackles a diamond smuggling racket that is murdering celebrities. There's a clever set-up where a movie star is supposedly shot by his own image on the silver screen, but otherwise this is never more than solid.  That's not necessarily a problem; the Shield is one of those dependable strips that hits that level consistently.

'The Comet' (by Abner Sundell and possibly Jack Cole): The Comet battles the Master, a gangster who is disintegrating people with his death ray. This strip isn't quite as manic as it used to be, but it still has a level of energy that the other Quality books just never reach.  It feels more like the sort of thing Marvel are doing at this time.

In other stories:

'The Press Guardian' (by Abner Sundell and Mort Meskin) must once again deal with the Claw, who is running an insurance racket on old freighters. 'Fu Chang, International Detective' (by Abner Sundell and Lin Streeter) takes on a gang of people smugglers that is hiding the people inside dead sharks. 'Sergeant Boyle' (by Abner Sundell and Charles Biro) must get a general's daughter out of Antwerp before the Germans arrive. 'Lee Sampson, Midshipman' (by Bob Wood) helps an heiress who has fled to the circus to escape an arranged marriage to a Frenchman. 'The Rocket and the Queen of Diamonds' (by Abner Sundell and Lin Streeter) dethrone and capture Retlek, but by the end the tyrant is holding them at gunpoint once again. 'Kayo Ward' (by Harry Shorten and Bob Wood) becomes a movie star, much to the chagrin of the guy he replaced. And 'Bentley of Scotland Yard' (by Joe Blair and Sam Cooper) investigates a supposed vampire murder, and reveals that the real culprit was a business rival of the victim, who stabbed her in the neck with a fork.

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