Thursday, July 12, 2012

June 1940: National Comics #2

Cover by Lou Fine

'Uncle Sam' (by Will Eisner and Dave Berg): When a senator is blackmailed by crooks and forced to overturn his own bill mandating food quality, Uncle Sam goes into action.  It's not the most exciting set-up, but Sam ploughing through crooks with a knowing wink and a nod is just fun to read.  This strip shouldn't work, but it does.

In other stories:

'Prop Powers' (by Toni Blum and possibly Witmer Wilmers) gets an inventor and his plans to England despite the efforts of foreign agents. 'Sally O'Neill, Policewoman' (by Toni Blum and Chuck Mazoujian) stops some crooks trying to get control of a steel mill. 'Pen Miller' (by Klaus Nordling) deals with crooks running a life insurance scam who have found a man they are completely unable to kill. 'Kid Patrol' (by Charles Nicholas) helps raise money for a widow by tricking an old miser into changing his ways.  'Wonder Boy' (by Toni Blum and possibly John Celardo) is kidnapped by Mogolians, and stops them from stealing a sacred treasure. 'Cyclone' (by Henry Kiefer) fights against a tribe of winged people, before teaming up with them against the evil martians.  'Kid Dixon' (by George Tuska) helps a lady save her farm.  'Paul Bunyan' (by John Celardo) fights a giant murderer. And 'Merlin the Magician' (by Dan Zolnerowich) must rescue a girl who has been trapped in the spirit realm by a vengeful wizard.

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