Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 1940: All-American Comics #18

Cover by Sheldon Moldoff

'The Green Lantern' (by Bill Finger and Martin Nodell): Green Lantern tackles some crooks who are committing robberies at the World's Fair.  It's pretty uninspiring material, and feels like a cast off from New York World's Fair Comics that didn't quite make the cut.

'Gary Concord, the Ultra-Man' (by Jon L. Blummer): Gary must disgrace himself utterly in order to infiltrate the Asian powers that threaten his nation. I'm always a sucker for seeing a hero at his lowest ebb, and this certainly qualifies. I'm genuinely intrigued to see how this pans out.

In other stories:

In 'Adventures in the Unknown' (by Carl H. Claudy and Stan Aschmeier) Ted and Alan finally defeat the Venusian invaders. In 'Hop Harrigan' (by Jon L. Blummer) Ikky tries to teach Miss Snap how to fly a plane. 'Red, White and Blue' (by Jerry Siegel and William Smith) deal with a plot to embroil the USA in a war. 'Ben Webster' (by Russell Cole) finishes up the story about the magic mud, with an anti-dramatic reveal that the crooks menacing them are really actors hired to test their character. 'Popsicle Pete' (by Art Helfant) sells his stamp store to a crazy old man. And in a rather amusing 'Scribbly' (by Sheldon Mayer) Ma Hunkel buys a grocery store and beats up some racketeers.

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