Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 1940: Detective Comics #42

Cover by Bob Kane

'Batman' (by Bill Finger and Bob Kane): Batman investigates a case in which portraits are being altered in such a way that predicts the murder of their owners. It turns out to be the work of a guy trying to drive up the price of the paintings. It's not the most original of motivations, but he does wear an awesome skull mask/beret ensemble to liven things up. And Bruce Wayne's feigned vanity when he goes to get his own portrait painted is hilarious.

In other stories:

In 'Spy' (by Jerry Siegel and Maurice Kashuba) Bart Regan helps track down the thief who stole the plans to a new gas mask. 'Red Logan, Ace Reporter' (by Ed Winiarski) exposes a jewellery store owner who is reporting his goods stolen, collecting the insurance, then re-cutting the gems and selling them in the store. 'The Crimson Avenger' (by Jack Lehti) beats up a gang of red-robed cultists intent on world domination. 'Speed Saunders, Ace Investigator' (by Fred Guardineer) deals with a pyromaniac. 'Steve Malone, District Attorney' (by Don Lynch) solves the murder of a newspaperman killed by protection racketeers. 'Cliff Crosby' (by Chad Grothkopf) tackles the Chinese people smuggling racket.  And 'Slam Bradley' (by Jerry Siegel and Howard Sherman) stops a gang of jewel thieves from discrediting his friend officer Callahan.

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