Thursday, July 12, 2012

June 1940: Feature Comics #34

Cover by John Devlin

'Doll Man' (by Lou Fine): The Doll Man's buddy Wampum, now an Injun oil magnate, is kidnapped by pirates.  This was all pretty tiresome, until Doll Man came to the rescue riding a penguin.  Also, Lou Fine is brilliant, easily one of the best artists of the Golden Age.

In other stories: In 'Rance Keane' (by William A. Smith), Rance's buddy Pee Wee dreams about fighting Chinese crooks.  'Zero, Ghost Detective' (by Dan Zolnerowich) protects a girl from violin-playing skeletons.  'Reynolds of the Mounted' (by Art Pinajian) tackles some kidnappers who are after maps of the coast.  'Spin Shaw' (by Bob Powell) rescues an explorer from Amazonian tribesmen. 'Captain Fortune' (by Vernon Henkel) is pursued by a ghost ship.  'The Voice' (by Stan Aschmeier) investigates a murder in which the gun was hidden in a record player and triggered by playing some music. 'Rusty Ryan of Boyville' (by Paul Gustavson) deals with some crooks who set fire to Boyville so that they can buy the property on the cheap. 'Bruce Blackburn, Counterspy' (by Harry Francis Campbell) must stop some spies who are trying to get America involved in a war with Solvonia.  And 'Samar' (by Robert Hayward Web) fights cavemen and a flesh-eating brontosaurus.

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