Monday, December 6, 2010

December 1935: More Fun #8

Cover by Vin Sullivan
More Fun keeps plugging along, with very little change despite the new title (it's continued from New Fun).  I'm still not connecting with the adventure strips, probably because I've only been able to read three issues out of eight.  But the humour strips are still quite enjoyable.

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster have arrived in the issues that I missed.  This issue sees them on part 3 of their 'Henri Duval' strip, a musketeer adventure serial.  It doesn't stand out from anything else in the issue, but the creators will certainly make their mark in time.

Still on the subject of Siegel and Shuster, they have another strip in this issue, under the pseudonyms of 'Leger' and 'Reuths'.  This is 'Doctor Occult', a name I recognise from a few comics he's appeared in recently.  Doing some looking around, I discovered that he's apparently the oldest DC character who is still appearing in comics.  "Still appearing" is probably being a bit charitable given the sporadic nature of Doctor Occult's usage, but he does have some minor historic significance.  As for the strip itself, Doctor Occult seems to be a stereotypical trench-coated 1930s detective who deals with supernatural stuff.  In this one he is confronted by a woman under the sway of the Vampire Master, which sounds rad in theory.  In practice it's pretty generic, but I'm keeping my attention fixed on this strip to see what it was about Occult that has kept him around.

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