Wednesday, December 15, 2010

July 1936: New Comics #7

Cover by Vin Sullivan

It seems like both More Fun Comics and New Comics have settled in by this point, because there's not much movement this month so far as new strips go.  But I was pleased to see one of the long-running strips, 'Cal 'n' Alec' (formerly 'Sagebrush 'n' Cactus') reach the end of its first plot line.  In their first strip they saw the villain Knife Ambush kill their buddy Pickax Pete, and in this final strip they enact their plan and shoot him dead.  It's not what you'd exactly call a satisfying conclusion, but I was happy to get some closure, because a lot of these strips are meandering around and accomplishing nothing at the moment.  I know the strip continues after this, and I'm guessing that it gets into shenanigans surrounding the gold they found a few issues back.

Remember in the last 'Federal Men' (by Siegel and Shuster), when bad guys conquered Washington with a humongous tank?  Steve Carson and his buddies wrap that shit up in four pages.  And I have to say, I'm stoked that 'Federal Men' has been expanded to twice the length of the other strips.  It's a sign that my tastes and those of the kids of the day are meshing pretty well.

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