Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hello.  My name is Nathan, and what you are reading is the beginning of a project that may well destroy my mind and render me incapable of functioning in polite society.  They say comics will rot your brain, and I'm about to put that to the test.

I've been reading Unabridged Marvel lately, a great blog where the author is making his way through every Marvel comic ever, day by day.  Since I always like to go one better, I'm stealing that idea and expanding it.  I'm going to try and read every Marvel comic ever.  I'm going to try and read every DC comic ever, as well as all the properties they have integrated into their line over the years.  I also plan to read every other thing of significance when I get to the relevant point in time.  Social life?  Feh.  I got comics to read.

I'm starting at January 1935, with New Fun #1, and moving on from there.  As a guide to what I should read when, I'm using this most excellent site, Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics, as well as its sister site for Marvel.  I want to capture the evolution of comics from the beginning, to simulate what it might have been like to live through all those years, because I really do love comics.  Super-hero comics especially, so you will notice a bias towards that material as I write my thoughts down.  I'll try and cover some other stuff as I get to it (like maybe the early Archies, the Carl Barks duck comics, EC), depending on availability.

I'm also doing this because I love history, I adore Marvel and DC continuity, and I have a need to explore the origins and development of all of my hobbies.  I'm undertaking a similar project for Dungeons & Dragons over at my other blog, Save or Die.  It's a Herculean Labour, yes, but it's a Herculean Labour of Love.

So I hope you keep reading and enjoy what I'm doing.  I'll keep doing it regardless, because I want my thoughts recorded for posterity as I make this epic journey.  But I really hope there's an audience out there to follow along.  Please leave comments and all the usual jazz, because healthy discussion is the lifeblood of a good blog.  And with that out of the way, I will begin reading.  I sure do have a lot of it ahead of me.

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