Sunday, December 19, 2010

August-September 1936: New Comics #8-9; More Fun Comics #13-15

Covers by Whitney Ellsworth

Covers by Vin Sullivan

I'm honestly running out of things to say about these comics.  With just New Comics and More Fun Comics every month, and the same strips continuing all the time, there's very little going on that's worthy of comment.  I'm definitely ready for Detective Comics to begin so that I'll have some more variety.

There were a couple of new strips in this batch of comics, though.  'The Blood Pearls' started in New Comics #8, featuring an unscrupulous man kidnapping a high-class Chinese girl to exchange for some blood-red pearls.  It's written by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, who was the Editor and Publisher of National at the time, and I figure it's no coincidence that it's twice as long as any of the other strips.  It's good to be the boss.

'The Bradley Boys' is another new strip appearing in More Fun Comics #13.  It's about two kids who get lost in the woods.  They build a shelter, and then the whole thing gets instructional, with diagrams and directions and the like.  All well and good if you want to learn how to build something, but it doesn't do the story any favours.

'Clout O'Casey' is a new baseball strip in New Comics #9.  The new humour strip 'Unc' appears in both New Comics #9 and More Fun Comics #13.  One strip has him playing baseball with his dog, and the other has him duck-shooting, so I'm not really seeing a focus here.

'Federal Men' (by Siegel and Shuster) has backed off a bit from the insanity of the last couple of installments, and Steve Carson is particularly subdued.  I was really cooling on this series until the awesome giant robot showed up to wreck some shit in New Comics #9, so I'm hoping it will pick up again next month.

Alas, I don't have copies of More Fun #14 and #15.  It appears that I've missed the conclusion to 'Super-Police', and the start of something called 'Mark Marson'.  I'm also missing two installments of 'Doctor Occult', and just when I'd been promised 'the weirdest adventures a human ever faced'.

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