Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Schedule: January-June 1936

The last post concluded my run through 1935 (and damned if I don't wish I could get through every year so quickly).  As I get to the beginning of each new month's batch of comics I'll be posting the list of what I have to read.  But since the list for 1936 is so small, I'm giving you my schedule for the next six months of stuff.

January 1936

            New Comics #3

February 1936

            More Fun #9
            New Comics #4

April 1936

            More Fun Comics #10

May 1936

            New Comics #5

June 1936

            More Fun Comics #11
            New Comics #6

Yep, it's just New Comics and More Fun Comics in the near future.  It's not until early 1937 when Detective Comics comes along, and not until May 1938 when the blessed arrival of super-heroes comes with Action Comics #1.

It should also be noted that, although I have listed the comics above as being published by DC, there was no such publisher at the time.  The comics above were actually published by National, and many other comics thought of as DC titles were at first published by a number of different companies.  DC itself was formed by the union of those companies  But for my own ease of reference, I'm listing them as DC already.

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