Wednesday, August 15, 2012

July 1940: Whiz Comics #6

Cover by C.C. Beck

'Capt. Marvel' (by Bill Parker and C.C. Beck): Sivana opens a circus full of freakish animals imported from Venus, intending to make a fortune and become the most powerful man alive. What follows is a story that is little more than Captain Marvel smashing the hell out of lions, elephants, giant crocodiles, a caveman, and a weird ape-tiger hybrid. The sad thing for Sivana is that he wasn't breaking the law at all. This is stupid, stupid fun.

'Scoop Smith' (by Greg Duncan): Scoop Smith and his photographer Blimp Black are on the trail of Otto Von Krug, a noted ambergris smuggler who has started operating in the Bahamas. What follows is an action-packed story with crooks, a giant octopus, jaguars, a castle, and a pit full of giant spiders. This is the final appearance of Scoop Smith, but he goes out on a high.

'Ibis the Invincible' (by Bill Parker and possibly Pete Costanza): Ibis loses his wish-granting  Ibistick, and through a series of wacky events it ends up in the hands of a hobo, who promptly tries to make himself emperor of America. What follows is the greatest headline in the history of print.

In other stories:

'Golden Arrow' (by Bill Parker and Pete Costanza)
once again goes up against Brute and Bronk, who start a stampede to distract the town while they rob the bank. 'Lance O'Casey' (by Bill Parker and Bob Kingett) rescues a girl cast adrift at sea, then saves her father from island savages. 'Spy Smasher' (by Bill Parker and C.C. Beck) stops the villainous mask from assassinating Admiral Corby at an amusement park. 'Dan Dare' (by Greg Duncan) solves a series of murders at the New York World's Fair.

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