Wednesday, August 15, 2012

July 1940: Master Comics #4

Cover by Harry Fiske

'Master Man' (by Newt Alfred): Master Man tackles an army of hooded bandits who steal military equipment and then try to rob Fort Knox. The plot desperately wants to be epic, but the art isn't up to the task, and everything feels very small scale because of it.

In other stories:

'The White Rajah' (by Creators Unknown)
rescues Princess Derissa from his rival, Hassi Kaffir. 'Shipwreck Roberts' (by Mike Suchorsky) takes on Dr. Drown, who is sinking ships to steal their treasure. 'Rick O'Shay' (by Creators Unknown) defeats some Arab slave traders. 'El Carim, Master of Magic' (by Sven Elven) stops an evil chemist, who is mixing flammable greasepaint to frighten and extort actors. 'Frontier Marshal' (by Creators Unknown) captures some crooks, but is shot in the process. And 'The Devil's Dagger' (by Ken Battefield) deals with gamblers who are operating out of a blimp.

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