Thursday, August 16, 2012

July 1940: Nickel Comics #5-6

Cover by Jack Binder

'Bulletman' (by Bill Parker and Jon Smalle): Bulletman takes on a building contractor who is using shoddy materials, in a story that ends with him completely destroying City Hall. It's a pedestrian yarn, but more super-hero stories should end with the hero destroying a government building.

In other stories:

'Warlock the Wizard' (by Creators Unknown) deals with an island dictator who has taken over a mining operation from a pretty girl. In 'Jungle Twins' (by Sven Elven), Bill takes his savage brother Steve to New York, while the villainous Sneed plots to steal Steve's ruby. 'Capt. Venture and the Planet Princess' (by Rafael Astarita) land on a planet inhabited by intelligent spiders. And 'The Red Gaucho' (by Harry Anderson) stops some crooks from stealing an ancient treasure from a South American Amdah tribe.

Cover by Jack Binder

Sorry, no story to talk about here at greater length. This was a seriously boring issue.

'Bulletman' (by Bill Parker and Jon Smalle) tackles a group of protection racketeers called the Blue Devils. 'Warlock the Wizard' (by Creators Unknown) stops a gang that has been kidanpping wealthy tourists. In 'Jungle Twins' (by Sven Elven) Steve and Bill, on a return trip to Africa, are shipwrecked near a castle and forced to fight in an arena. 'Capt. Venture and the Planet Princess' (by Rafael Astarita) helps liberate a planet full of slave miners. And 'The Red Gaucho' (by Harry Anderson) protects treaty papers between Santo Palos and the USA from foreign spies.

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