Wednesday, February 2, 2011

September 1937: More Fun Comics #25

Cover by Vin Sullivan

'Sandra of the Secret Service' (by Will Ely) wraps up its plot with the Brain, a Cobra Commander style terrorist. After Sandra calls in a US patrol boat to investigate, they fire torpedoes at the Brain's island with nothing else to go on but her say-so.  The islands are blown sky-high, the villains are killed, and the strip ends with the words "Good old USA!"  I couldn't have parodied it better if I tried.

In 'Doctor Occult' (by Siegel and Shuster), the title character faces off against a mad scientist who can turn people into bronze figurines.  What a lucky coincidence that Occult possesses just the mystical charm he needs to turn the process back on the villain!

In this month's Fun Club text piece, the 'How to Have Fun' section details the construction of a slingshot that fires arrows.  This thing sounds seriously deadly.

'Mark Marson of the Inter-Planetary Police' (by Tom Hickey) finishes up its first storyline.  The final installment is a fizzer, as the heroes find the scientist they were looking for in a cell, locate a bomb they can't defuse, then run like hell before it explodes.  I shouldn't have expected more, because this strip has been about as dull as it's possible for a Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon type of strip to be.  Alas for me, it seems to be continuing with a new story arc next issue.

'Johnnie Law' (by Will Ely) begins a new story about the evils of marijuana, which apparently turns people into crazed murderers.  I don't know about everyone else, but my experiences with marijuana lead me to believe that murder would be far too much effort for any stoned person to bother with.

Allow me to describe the series of events in this issue's 'Radio Squad' (by Siegel and Shuster).  First, Sandy Kean sees a package fall off the back of a truck.  He takes the package and chases the truck to give it back, using his siren to get the driver's attention.  What a swell guy!  The truck speeds up when the siren sounds, arousing Sandy's suspicions.  So what's the next course of action for any reasonable police man?  Why, ram that fucker off the road of course!  Eh, who am I to argue, the guy was a criminal so it got results.  (At this point I'd like to point out that Sandy Kean is totally a porn star name.)

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