Thursday, February 10, 2011

December 1937: New Adventure Comics #22

Cover by Creig Flessel
'Federal Men' (by Siegel and Shuster) sees Steve Carson outsmarting a guy selling forged stamps in a rather forgettable adventure, but at least the Junior Federal Men Club are nowhere to be seen.

It seems like we've seen the last of 'Vikings', by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson and Anthony Blum.  The strip ends with the main character Ivar rescuing his love Sundgrid and sailing away from his enemies.  A reasonably satisfying conclusion to a middling strip.

It's also the end of 'She', the adaptation of the H. Rider Haggard novel by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson and Sven Elven.  I'm not sure I really get the ending, to be honest.  So She takes her reincarnated lover to her personal flame of youth, that has kept her young and alive for centuries.  To show off how it works, She bathes in the flames.  But then She is withered and dies?  It doesn't make much sense, but I'm not inclined to go back to previous issues and piece it together.  Perhaps I'll figure it out when I read the novel, which I plan to do, because this adaptation was quite intriguing.

There's a new strip called 'G-Woman' (by Creators Unknown) about a female secret agent, but it seems as though this is its only appearance.  She claims to be the only female agent in the USA, so I guess she's not in the same continuity as 'Sandra of the Secret Service'.

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