Monday, January 10, 2011

May 1937: More Fun Comics #21

Cover by Vin Sullivan
There really isn't much to write about with this issue, as most of the strips are just carrying on with their business.  There is one new strip, 'Johnnie Law' by Will Ely.  Johnnie Law is a policeman who saves a young  boy from a fire set by an arsonist, and I'm about as enthused by this as I am by everything else I talk about that isn't by Siegel and Shuster. 

Speaking of which, there is the latest installment of 'Doctor Occult'.  Last time (in an installment that I missed) he apparently saw a woman he thought long dead, and now he's checking her tomb.  He finds it empty, and not long after that he goes and gets himself killed, so I'll be interested to see how that pans out.  It's a far cry from the level that this serial was operating on just a few issues ago, but that's still one hell of a cliffhanger

Oh, one more thing: 'Brad Hardy' did not finish in More Fun Comics #19, as would have me believe.  It seems that the information on that site is not entirely accurate, at least so far as Golden Age comics go, so I'll be taking any future such announcements with a grain of salt.

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