Tuesday, January 11, 2011

May 1937: New Adventure Comics #16

Cover possibly by Creig Flessel
This may be the final appearance of 'Hardluck Harry' by Bill Carney.  It's a funny animal serial about Harry, who gets kidnapped onto a ship's crew, and his adventures trying to escape with the ship's cook, who is an outrageous Chinese caricature.  I'm actually not really sure what type of animals they're meant to be, possibly dogs or bears.  It was reasonably humorous, and even the cook's ridiculous accent became endearing after a while, simply because it's so over the top.

In 'Federal Men' (by Siegel and Shuster), Steve Carson puts a stop to smugglers sneaking Chinese people into the country, but of greater importance is the proper establishment of the Junior Federal Men Club.  As I predicted, they're asking for money.  Still, given the social crusading that Siegel and Shuster often do in their stories, I sense a genuine desire on their part to create a group of youngsters dedicated to helping the country.  Perhaps I'm a sucker, but it feels sincere to me.

'Detective Sergeant Carey' (by Joe Donohoe) has been captured by some Chinese criminals this month.  I don't blame them personally, given the frequency with which he throws the word "chink" around.  I'd be perfectly happy if he never escaped.

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