Wednesday, November 16, 2011

February 1940: Superman Sunday Strip #9-14, "How Superman Would End the War"


In this series of strips Superman investigates the disappearance of a number of men via a job agency. It turns out that the men hired out are being hypnotised and used to commit crimes. Superman puts a stop to it in one of the most boring and straightforward stories he has ever been in. His attitude in this story is much more pro-establishment than it has been, as he protects the perpetrators from their victims so that they can go to trial. I'm not so sure that the Superman of the 1930s wouldn't have abandoned them to their fate.


This two-page story was created by Siegel and Shuster especially for Look Magazine, and it's probably the most famous of Superman's Golden Age adventures.  Quite simply, Superman busts into Germany and grabs Adolf Hitler, busts into Russia and grabs Josef Stalin, and drags them both before the League of Nations.  It's the ultimate expression of Siegel and Shuster's ultra-simplistic political views, but satisfying for all that.  It harkens back to Superman's earliest days, even though he does resist the urge to punch out Hitler.  I'm still not sure why the colourist made Superman's legs bare, though.

As a side note, we also get the sales figures for the two comics featuring Superman on an earlier page of the article.  Action Comics sells approximately 600,000 comics a month, while the quarterly Superman averages one million.

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