Monday, May 30, 2011

1939 Addendum: More Superman Daily Strips

Apologies for the delay, but I've been ill, and also away from my internet access at work. My regular once-a-day schedule should resume as of now.

SUPERMAN DAILY STRIP #13-30: 'War on Crime'

The second storyline of Superman's daily strip sees him going up against the crooks behind the graft at city hall. Of greater interest here is that we get to witness Superman's decision to become a reporter after he arrives at a crime scene too late to save two people. We also see his first meeting with Lois, although she doesn't really interact with him as Clark Kent yet. I thought that her first meeting with Superman might not jibe with Action Comics #1, but a look back at that issue shows me that nothing is contradicted. Huzzah, continuity reigns supreme! Siegel and Shuster's flair for comedy is on show, as Kent's 'impossible first assignment' as a reporter is to get an interview with Superman. This is fun stuff, and it seems as though Siegel and Shuster have at least as much enthusiasm for this as they do for the comic book stuff. Shuster's art looks better in black and white as well.

SUPERMAN DAILY STRIP #31-54: 'The Comeback of Larry Trent'

In this story Superman saves a washed-up boxer called Larry Trent from committing suicide, then decides to help him get his world heavyweight title back. This being Golden Age Superman, his method is to disguise himself as Larry Trent and fight the matches himself. Most of the story involves Superman fighting boxers and being smug as he belts the life out of them. I'm all for the smug Superman of the 1930s, so I had some fun with this. And even though the end is predictable, I liked seeing Trent step up at the end and win the title himself. I think I'm enjoying this strip more than the comic book.

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